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Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery

MultiFocal Lens

A Multifocal Lens can provide you with high-quality vision at several distances. The advanced Multifocal Lens is an implanted lens that significantly improves vision after cataract surgery and corrects presbyopia. If you enjoy activities such as reading, playing golf or surfing the internet, the Multifocal Lens is the ideal lens for an active lifestyle.

Toric Lens

A Toric Lens can be selected to provide either near or distance vision as well as correcting astigmatism. The unique design of the Toric Lens makes it possible to reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism and significantly improve uncorrected distance vision, independent of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Standard MonoFocal Lens

The standard lens allows you to see well at one distance only (usually far), if astigmatism or other ocular conditions don’t exist. This lens does not offer near vision or guarantee intermediate vision. You will likely need reading glasses to view objects clearly up close.

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